Growing Medium

Our specialised growing medium products are developed for specific application for the stages of growth of cannabis. The general composition of our products includes various proportions of perlite, coco peat and other sustainably sourced nutrients. We have formulated the ideal blends for specific applications to yield the best results for indoor and outdoor growing conditions. An increase of up to 30% higher yield can be realised from changing to Bio Leaf Technologies growing medium.

The Bio Leaf Technologies growing mediums are significantly different from any other products in the marketplace in that our products are manufactured to strict quality standards at our ISO 9001 certified production facility. Our products meet the requirements for growing products for food and medical grade and meet the requirements for OHSAS 18001 certification.

Our growing mediums do not contain soil, are free from pathogens and other organisms that could contaminate your plants (e.g. animal manure, worm castings, bone meal). We laboratory test every batch of our products to ensure consistent quality to give you peace of mind as a grower, and help you harvest a consistently superior quality product, fit for medical applications. Bio Leaf Technologies perform testing on-site at customers’ premises on request or as agreed for regular monitoring and quality management.

Cultivation Lights

The most popular lamp in the horticultural industry in years. Luxx Lights have been designed and developed by Cannabis growers for Cannabis growers. The Luxx Lighting CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps have a very broad spectrum and is closer to simulating natural daylight than any other form of HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamp. Versatility, able to function as a primary vegetation lamp, also a very capable supplemental light in large flower operations and the power to act as the main source offering a full spectrum in a smaller garden.

The best PPFD rating than any other cultivation light on the market. PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density, which is a simple measure of canopy lighting.

Cultivation Lights LED

With more than 30 years of experience in indoor growing and 3 years of development, we offer probably the best LED lighting solution for indoor cultivation of cannabis. I-Grows LED lights are made in Switzerland to superior quality standards.

Through the “starry sky concept”, the light of 676 LEDs is distributed evenly and with a maximum amount of diffuse light. Especially with very leafy plants, light distribution is the deciding factor. The many shadows created by the leaves can be bridged with diffused light. From our perspective, more LEDs with less wattage and without lens technology are more appropriate and more efficient. This also brings respective improved results. Through the option of switching to growth light from the driver side, you have an LED module that allows you to adjust lighting to your needs.

Lighting colour: we have achieved a true-colour lighting combination providing a ideal spectrum of light for all stages of growth. This allows you to recognize what the plants need easily and early on. This lighting combination is not perceived the same way as a regular LED grow light.

Ease of use: the LED and driver variations are modular and weigh approximately 2 kg. They are robust and resistant to sprinkler water. Passive cooling enables quiet and maintenance-free operation of the LED module. These i-Grows lights are low on energy consumption and high on the light output.

Integrated Pest Management

Safety, convenience and reliability are important characteristics of state-of-the-art cannabis crop protection. Sophisticated systems that assure a reliable biological approach, tailor-made solutions for the protection of your cannabis. A wide range of products that meet international quality standards.

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